Sunday, 29 November 2015

Romatic Rainy Season

 I find the rainy season very romantic, everything on earth looks so beautiful. Finally, monsoon has arrived in Kolkata for which I was eagerly waiting for. It’s great to even be at home with family, watch TV and sip coffee. After the sweltering summer season, everything about this season is appealing to me. I love to catch sight of a rainbow as well when I am out with my friends. With monsoon comes the beautiful weather which brings people closer over a cup of coffee. This season makes the atmosphere pleasant and induces one to get cozy. However, it’s the garma garam khichuri, bhujiyas and pakodas that really make my day during monsoons. I think the city weaves a magical moment in this season. It is very pleasant to see full of colourful umbrellas, snails and to hear the croaking of frogs around the city. The government should be more prepared for the season to avoid any drainage problems, water logging, train hassles and traffic snarls which are part of the season. If one eliminates these things then monsoons is the most beautiful season the city witnesses. The child in us comes out during rains. We are tempted to build paper boats, play race-race with others and indulge in crazy fun that’s reminiscent of your childhood. I also used to play football during rain when I was at school. Rains bring a host of diseases, thanks to the dirty, stagnant water. So it becomes important to take care of our health during this season. No other season teaches you about your health like monsoons. It’s very important to eat home-cooked food so you don’t fall ill. Massive rains can take out electricity and internet connections and you will be left with only your books and magazines for entertainment. You’ll realise why reading a book sitting against the window sill and sipping coffee while watching the rain drops is the best feeling in the world.

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