Sunday, 23 March 2014

Laughter is the Best medicine

Laughter is a panacea. It can help cure all diseases and makes our body sparkle with health. A doctor with an optimistic smile can boost the confidence of the patient and can be more effective than his prescribed medicines without any negative side effects.
Laughter is divine. It fills our body and mind with positive energy. It is truly said that laughter is a curve that straights a lot of things. At the time of quarrel and conflict, laughter can banish enmity among quarreling groups.
Modern scientists are of the opinion that laughter is the best known medicine. It controls blood pressure, blood sugar. It fights obesity, triglyceride, mental illness, life span. It also cures cancer. They advise us to laugh away modern day disease, e.g. depression, anxiety, worries, stress and tension.
Laughter can solve the problem of international conflicts. It opens the heart and it gives us ability to judge a problem from various angles. Thus, it can be said that laughter is the best diplomatic medicine.
We should learn from tiny babies how to smile seeing a little insect or birds and even after falling on a hard ground after toddling a few steps. This keeps them always healthy and full of positive energy. So, my friends start laughing and live laughing forever from today like tiny tots.