Sunday, 23 March 2014

Importance of Self Confidence and Hardworking

I love watching comic serial Doramon everyday. Why has it become my best T.V. Program? Why has it become the most popular comic T.V. SERIAL beating the legendary Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Riche- Rich?
The answer perhaps lies in the fact that we, the students, can easily identify ourselves with Nobita, the main character of the story. The writer of the story has the gifted power to imagine beyond the boundary of the known just like the famous Jules Verne. In fact, Jules Verne's story 20,000 Leagues under the Sea inspired a scientist to invent submarine. Doramon, a cat robot is a friend of Nobita. He came from the 22nd century to help Nobita to build his future. He has many gadgets in his pocket, with which Nobita does many astonishing things. These gadgets may inspire future Scientists among us to invent such wonderful machines.
The added pleasure of watching Doramon is that it brings Japan to our bedroom. One has to appreciate the aesthetic sense of the Japanese. It is really a wonder that while being at the top of the electronic world, Japanese people do not become crazy about buying new machines and stuffing them in their room as we do. They prefer manual washing of clothes than buying a washing machine which not occupies the space of the room but also makes us idle. They are also very cautious about spending money judiciously. We see that the Japanese boys and girls are very creative in this comic serial. Almost all the Japanese girls and boys including Nobita do not waste a single yen. These shows why Japan has become so rich even after shattering Hiroshima experience. Japan is a lesson for today's shopping hungry, gadget hungry youth. There are a lot of things that we can learn from the land of the rising sun.
Nobita abhors homework in this comic serial. He also hates the hardworking Japanese way of life. The Japanese way of life is not only disciplined but also very demanding one. In this serial every Japanese boys and girls plays daily at evening to keep their body fit. They go to bed early, so that they could reach school in time and study hard. On the other hand, another character Dekesugi who is not only self- confident but also very hardworking gets success in every sphere. Thus, the story teaches us that the key to success is not money or machine but the real key is self- confidence and hard work. There is no alternative to it.