Thursday, 20 March 2014

Examination Is A Festival

Durga puja is a festival of the Hindus Likewise; we can say examination is a festival of the students. We buy new clothes and other things before puja. Similarly, we buy pen, pencil, eraser, and sometimes we replace our clip board before examination. Just one month before any examination half yearly or annual, I feel a change in me. I feel more energetic, more focused. Every morning I get up with a feeling of something special which I cannot describe in words. When examination is knocking at the door, my palms start itching. The desire to pen my imagination and memory in the answer sheets starts burning within.
My father tells me to visualize every story of my textbook. This helps me to travel through space and time. This journey by time machine or spaceship is a celebration in itself. I feel like celebrating with words in the festival of ideas.
Just like I celebrate a puja with my friends, I enjoy examination with my classmates; I plan with my friends how we will celebrate a puja. In the same manner, I along with my classmates chalk out plans for the coming examinations.
One D- day, I get up with a special feeling. I glue myself to notes even during the time of my going to school. I feel glad when my fellow passengers ask me if I am going to take an examination. After entering school, I along with my friends check the exact location of the pandal. Oh! Soppy. We check which room has become our examination destination. Then along with my friends go there not for puspanjali - offering of flowers but for offering of words and ideas to the body of the deity - the answer sheet.
So my friends, I would like to say that please celebrate examinations with great pomp and give your best in examinations.